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Shooting fish for prizes is a very hot game today. It has been widely popular and is available at most online casinos around the world. In this article, 90jili will introduce to you the experience of shooting fish to win!

Shoot fish for prizes and things you need to know

Shoot fish for prizes and things you need to know

Shooting fish for prizes is a very popular game and is loved by many people. Your mission is to shoot bullets to destroy the fish. 

These reward points can be converted into cash or other valuable rewards. Not only that, you can also make money from this game.

Online fish shooting for prizes is designed with simple and easy gameplay. Thanks to that, players can easily perform a few moves to participate. All participants have the opportunity to experience fun and excitement from this game. 

Understanding your needs, 90jili will share the secret of “winning at shooting fish” that we have summarized in the section below!

The secret to “shoot fish to play and win” is super cool 

The secret to "shoot fish to play and win" is super cool 

Below are the 5 best “fish shooting and winning” tips shared by experts. Please join us in the article below!

Shoot fish to win: Shooting mode kills small fish

The first secret of “winning fish shooting” we bring is the poke shooting mode. Newcomers should focus on shooting small fish. Shooting big fish is very risky. To win, you should not play in an “all or nothing” style. Starting with small fish will be safest and most effective.

Rotate the gun barrel continuously around the table and then fire bullets one at a time. You should avoid letting two bullets go in the same direction. (This method minimizes the risk of 2 bullets only hitting 1 fish and assuming that fish does not die).

The advantage of this way of shooting is that when you shoot a bullet, you can hit many fish. The ability to shoot and kill fish has also been improved. Because fish that die easily will also be hit by bullets and fish that are harder to die will also be hit by bullets because the bullets are spread out.

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Shoot fish to win: Shoot at fast and slow speeds

The second secret of “winning at fish shooting” is to shoot quickly or slowly depending on the time. Avoid being too eager to shoot big fish that many others are also shooting. 

Instead, play slowly and focus on shooting small fish. Because players often focus too much on large prey. Focusing on small fish will eliminate other competitors. This way, you will save maximum ammo.

When you shoot big fish with many others, you will have to use a larger amount of bullets. If you use less bullets than other players, your chances of losing are very high.

Shoot fish to win: Shoot new fish immediately 

This is a very useful experience to help you “shoot fish to win” in the fish shooting game to win prizes. Align the gun so that when new fish appear, you can shoot immediately. 

Concentrating and shooting immediately will increase the chance of killing that fish. In addition, at that time other players were still focusing on the fish in the tank. 

Shooting fish is a win: Shooting fish gradually increases bullets extremely effectively

This method is often applied during the overtime period, when a series of fish runs across the screen. Shoot with gradually increasing number of bullets and bullet size according to certain rules. 

For example, if you shoot the first 2 fish and die in the 5th bullet, the last fish will die in the 100th bullet. Then, the possibility of the fish dying is very high. Remember that the rule of shooting angelfish is no more than 40 bullets, which means if the fish is 50, you will not lose money.

Shoot fish to win: Shoot fish to win prizes in the same way as shooting marbles

This way of shooting has the effect of increasing the number of bullets fired at the fish at the same time. This is a way to play that has the potential to get more rewards. However, it will consume more bullets than other shooting methods. This way of playing is especially effective when you are playing with other players and competing with them to catch fish that are going into the corner.

Shoot fish and win with reputable bookmaker 90jili

It can be said that to win the fish shooting game you cannot play at an unreliable house. With 90jili, playing fish shooting becomes more interesting than ever and the opportunity to “shoot fish to win” is always available.

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With a reputable bookmaker like 90jili, you can be completely assured of fairness and safety during the playing process. 90jili is committed to providing a great fish shooting experience for players. Sin 88 offers unique features, beautiful visual effects and dynamic sound.

With a professional and friendly support team, 90jili will always accompany you throughout the process of playing fish shooting. You can rest assured that any questions or problems you encounter will be answered and supported quickly.

Some notes to help you lose when playing fish shooting

Some notes to help you lose when playing fish shooting

Online fish shooting is a quite popular game. There are many methods to help you keep “Winning when you shoot fish”. However, there are still some notes that you need to consider before playing.

Not understanding the rules of the game is a fundamental mistake in fish shooting. Each website or application may have different rules. So, learn carefully about the rules of the game before starting. This helps you avoid playing against the rules and losing your chance of winning.

Second, do not choose an inappropriate time to fire bullets. Control your shooting and wait for the right moment to shoot. Avoid shooting bullets aimlessly and wasting bullets without hitting the fish.

Spending too much time playing fish shooting is also a mistake. Playing for too long can cause fatigue and loss of concentration when shooting fish. This leads to inaccurate shooting and loss.

A fairly common mistake is lacking tactics and skills in shooting fish. To win the game, develop the necessary strategies. In addition, practicing bullet shooting skills and adjusting the shooting angle is also very important to increase your chances of winning.

Never lack patience and financial control when playing fish shooting. This helps you avoid falling into a financial situation and ensures that you have enough capital to play for a long time and increase your chances of winning.


The experience of “Winning when you shoot fish” can be something that every player wants to know. We hope that 90jili’s sharing will help you in the process of finding the right strategy.

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